Causative agent (Gonococci), Reservoir (Cases, no carrier), Exit (Discharge of mucous membrane lesions), Period of infectivity (Untreated cases: the case is infective so long as there is a discharge. Treated cases: Treatment stops infectivity within 24 hours).

Mode of transmission (Direct sexual contact only, the organism is weak), Incubation Period (2 – 4 days), Clinical picture: (Males: Urethritis with purulent discharge and Arthritis, Females: Urethritis or cervicitis with discharge and Arthritis), Diagnosis (Acute cases: Blood film for pus and Culture of pus, Chronic cases: Complement fixation test).

Gonorrheal discharge
Gonorrheal arthritis
Gonorrheal conjunctivitis

Prevention: Socioeconomic development, Strengthen religious background, Mental health promotion of youth, Provide activities for youth, Convenient family life and good supervision, Facilities for marriage of the youth, Premarital counseling, Health education as well as Specific protection by penicillin 400.000 U.

Control: Cases control by Case finding, Notification, Treatment by penicillin, Health education, Re-examination to confirm cure. Contacts control by Examination of partners of diagnosed cases. Community control by Epidemiological studies to trace the channel and sources of infection, Mass chemoprophylaxis for high risk groups as well as Mass education campaigns.

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